Our Story

As James’s early career was spent consulting at Bain and Halogen (formerly Arkwright) with 1 year in a health service venture, a combination of these form the path for the rest of his career – an advisor trying to think like an investor. Several former clients buy into this idea as well, especially those in the newly emerging cross border private medical insurance industry, whose founding father, Per Bay Jorgensen, is a much valued board member.
The McGrigor Corporation (later renamed McGrigor Group) comes into being, following James McGrigor’s long-held desire to be a ‘global growth entrepreneur’ within the healthcare world, possibly motivated by the fact that he was the first, in many generations of his family, not to have become a doctor. There was also a close fit with the career of Carella McGrigor, a mental health counsellor, with a history in health charity PR.
2002 - 2012
The first ~10 years of The McGrigor Corporation (TMC) are shared with 2 former Halogen colleagues, Mikael Garandeau and Florian Le Doux, who join straight away to form ‘the Paris office’. Immediately, the concept of investing time and knowledge in return for a ‘carry’ was put into practice in the world of foreign diplomats across several parts of the world, especially Africa. This was the founding stone of what later became ‘McGrigor Specialty.’ It also explains the ongoing strength of McGrigor’s French client base.
‘McGrigor Publishing’ is formed, to look after the creation of a series of six market reports split into two series: the first on ‘The Global Market for International Private Medical Insurance (IPMI)’ and the 2nd on ‘The Global Market for Population Health Management (PHM)’. So far, 3/6 have been completed, with ever larger editions coming out every 2 years, resulting in the addition of a part time editor in 2015.
David Axtell in the Middle East, Maikel Garcia in Latin America, and more recently Chad van Vacas (Africa) and David Vogdt (Global travel for treatment) become key members of the team.
TMC becomes ‘MGG’ - The McGrigor Group - in recognition of the growing number of global associates and ‘partners’ in the ‘family’, several of whom were becoming established as regional or division/practice leaders.
The creation of the ‘McGrigor M&A’ division. MMA works on both the buy and sell-side in IPMI and health services, along with associates specialised in this practice.
James McGrigor becomes Chair of the International Committee of the US’s Population Health Alliance.
In response to client preference, the style of McGrigor Group’s reports shift from longer to shorter publications on regions and topics, which now appear 6 monthly.
LaingBuisson (one of the leading global healthcare publishing and events companies) join with McGrigor Publishing to relaunch our Population Health Management report to reach a wider and more public sector audience, helping MGG’s reputation to gain ground in this area.
Three new Focus Reports published: 'Global Market Size & Trends Update, 2019-2025', '10 New Key Player Profiles' and 'China, Hong Kong and Singapore, 2017-2025' .
McGrigor Group teams with MixR – a teaming software to build employee engagement, trust and culture in the new remote working world. We also work closely with Mansfield Partners, around commercial due diligence in health insurance related deals.