After more than seven happy and successful years running McGrigor Insights, Rhiannon will be leaving MGG at the beginning of May to pursue a new career working for the social mobility charity ‘The Talent Tap’.  Take a look:- – it’s a great charity.

During her time at McGrigor Group, our Insights and Publishing unit has grown remarkably.  First, she helped us produce two ‘mega’ Global IPMI reports, the 2018 version of which stretched to 250 pages! Then, the very powerful book on managing health cost and value trends was curated, through an enormous amount of research and in person meetings in the US and other parts of the Globe. From 2019, after listening carefully to feedback from clients, we changed style to creating a new series of 5 shorter, but super fact-filled IPMI ‘Focus’ Reports.  Sales have topped £450k over the years.

Rhiannon has also been responsible for initiating, researching and producing our monthly headline reports, now reaching more than 1000 key decision makers within the market, in the 23rd edition.

Rhiannon will be much missed not just for her work contributions, but for her ability to rustle up an office lunch for the team and her inability to stay quiet for very long.  We thank her so much and wish her much career and personal happiness.

She will miss the interaction with all our clients and the whole team at MGG.  We know that she wishes everyone the very best for the future and we all plan to stay in touch despite not being in the office together every week.

From 5th of May 2022, Sophia Dixon-Cave will be the main point of contact for any future queries about any Publishing, Headlines or Insights matters. Good luck Sophia.