PHM 2016


Crisis alert! Health services worldwide are facing unprecedented levels of pressure

This is the first ever report explaining global PHM solutions with commentary on the lessons learnt and an outline of the emerging demand by region, globally. Complete with examples of leading and emerging suppliers.

Context: The global demand for acceptable levels of healthcare is already huge and growing at a significant rate. Unfortunately, the costs of provision are growing even more rapidly.

The need for solutions to the escalation in healthcare costs is being experienced within both the government and the corporate sectors in all countries worldwide. A dizzying array of preventive, educational and management tools have been deployed, including:

  • Absence management
  • Condition management programs
  • Data management/Analytics/Systems
  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • Health Risk Assessments
  • Occupational Health services
  • Pharmaceutical compliance programs
  • Remote monitoring
  • Telehealth
  • Holistic Wellness programs

These tools and approaches are being adopted in various ways on a global basis, but:

  • ROI calculations per approach or overall are inconclusive or simply absent, meaning that there is general scepticism as to the value of these tools.
  • Buyers are generally uneducated in this emerging PHM area and are often overcome by the ever widening range of ideas.
  • Adaptation of tools, sales techniques and data privacy set ups to different cultures and locations is hard, under anticipated and under developed.

Unclear success-based compensation models, global recession based pricing pressures and the consequent perception of low margins are deterring suppliers from entry or from global expansion. In our report we:

  1. Describe and segment the different solutions available, with commentary on their purpose, payback and the lessons learned
  2. Provide an outline of the various buyers’ needs and the demand for these solutions by region globally
  3. Identify examples of leading and emerging suppliers of these solutions, with commentary on success stories and the barriers to be overcome
Who should read this report
This Report will be useful for: Population Health Management suppliers looking at how and where they should focus Customer-distributor hybrids and other ‘enablers’ of PHM, such as Employee Benefit Consultants, Foundations, Pharmaceutical Companies, etc Governments struggling to contain the costs of healthcare Health and Life Insurers and re-insurers undergoing transformation from ‘payers to partners’ Hospitals and other provider groups Corporate HR benefits managers looking to create a worthwhile health strategy Healthcare management consultants Investors in Population Health Management
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