Definitive Global Health Market Reports

Why Us?

McGrigor Insight was established in 2014, to fulfil the need for deeper and more global market research into sectors of the healthcare industry which were either new or had a need for data to be collected properly and made public.

All reports are written by the consulting staff and other coalface experts who advise and decide on actions within their sectors on a daily basis. Literally hundreds of interviews have taken place to compile the data and viewpoints. This makes them highly factual, up to date and both strategic yet practical, whereas other research can be model based, easily outdated and theoretical.

Increasingly McGrigor is refining, widening and deepening its scope as each year passes. Over 120/195 country markets have been covered to date. New segments and products are being added. Book 2 in the IPMI series was over twice the size as book 1, with 265 pages and >60 tables. This is where strategic decision makers really need to be to inform or confirm their feelings about trends.

Delivery formats are changing as well. Feedback suggested that our reports were becoming too large for full consumption, so we have progressed to smaller, single region or topic based ones, at more affordable prices.

Our reports are delivered electronically via unique links. In this way, the reports can be read whilst online, on multiple devices for a single user. They cannot be downloaded or shared, and this is deliberate to protect the buyer from infringing license rules. The best value packages are the multiple or corporate ones where the per-user rate is much reduced. With these packages, we also offer a print version and are open to discussing custom price packages.

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