Update on US IPMI Market

Update understanding on demand and supply aspects of the US IPMI market


A well established American-based IPMI carrier.


Investigate how Covid and other trends have changed the US IPMI market and forecast the coming 5 years on both the demand and supply side.


The client requested an update on the US IPMI market, including major competitor analysis. They wanted insights on demand, covering corporation types, inpatriates versus expatriates, and different customer nationalities, and on supply, focusing on SWOT analyses of major competitors across different industries and states.


MGG performed 30 interviews with insurers, MGAs, EBCs and brokers to complement deep desktop research into major data sources and other drivers. With the data, we created 2 models: One for the market demand both correcting our historic model and re-forecasting the future; and one on the supply side by player. The latter was supplemented by in-depth analysis identifying their potential weaknesses for our client to exploit.


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“The comprehensive overview provided by MGG gave us the base from which we could re-construct our market attack strategy.”

IPMI product leader, leading US IPMI player


We created a very detailed update on the market position by many segments. Consequently, the client could see where to target demand opportunities and gaps, and how to create blue water between themselves and the others.