Sourcing best TPA options

Sourcing best TPA options for market entry into India


A well-established global insurer with regional TPA in Middle East.


Evaluate India TPAs and recommend best options for acquisition.


Our client required an initial overview of the Indian health insurance market before reviewing the capabilities of all domestic TPAs. Through various stages the client wished to narrow possibilities to the top three acquisition targets meeting specific agreed criteria.


Desk research and market interviews were conducted to establish a market overview and longlist of potential acquisition targets. Interviews with each prospect followed to enable a SWOT analysis, a value-for-money assessment and an assessment of the attitude towards an acquisition from the owners. Feedback from the client was sought throughout. After reducing the prioritised list to the top 3, further interviews were conducted to select the most suitable company to fit the client’s needs.


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“India is approaching a golden era, and we were keen to ensure we are a part of that growth.  We challenged the McGrigor team to find a TPA that we could acquire that would fit our models.  Using desk based research and interviews they created a shortlist of the three most likely prospects.  After a range of meetings we agreed on the best. The team then expertly managed negotiations until we sent an NBO.”

Global CEO, Health Services, Leading Global Health Insurer


Further in-depth discussions were facilitated and negotiations arbitrated over several months before an NBO was submitted. This is still an ongoing case.