Sourcing partnerships

Sourcing best replacement partnerships for fronting, distribution and claims management


A well-established global IPMI provider.


Client needed to replace existing partnerships in UAE that provide future growth opportunities aligned with strong cost containment.


The client had changed the share structure of its existing arrangements and needed to find alternative partnerships covering all aspects of the business from quotation through to claims settlement. They had a number of staff within the offices of the existing partner that would need to be integrated into any new arrangement. Despite having an existing regional portfolio the focus was on the UAE albeit considering the need for the flexibility to roll out new arrangements around the Middle East.


An initial market review was followed by meetings with executives in the top companies in each category to establish synergies and capabilities.
We met each prospect and verified high level information before confirming the market view with a selection of clients, brokers and hospitals also recommended additional operational and cost containment efficiencies.


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“McGrigor was tasked with finding us a new partner in the UAE. We provided them a range of strict criteria to adhere to. They were extremely thorough in assessing potentials’ prospects at all levels within our timeframes and finally introduced a company that surprised, yet delighted, us. As a result of their work we are extremely optimistic about business in the region”
CEO IPMI Unit, Leading Global Health Insurer


After the options were prioritised according to suitability, additional assessments involving more
in-depth analysis and market reviews were executed on the top three.
Introductions were also facilitated with the client. After further review, an initial meeting with the top company was arranged for handover.
The client selected the recommended player and is now gaining significant new business.