Ranking opportunities in the GCC

Ranking the radiotherapy opportunities in the GCC by country and segment


A European-based cancer treatment institution.


Assisting a cancer treatment centre to create referral pathways in the GCC region by way of meeting potential partners at the Arab Health Conference, end Jan 2024.


The client initially tasked MGG to seek radiotherapy referral pathways from the GCC to their European centres. We recommended expanding this scope to multiple services (e.g. remote consultations, telemedicine, centre management) including insourcing to the region, which they accepted. Our task was to decide which countries needed help, and then to identify actual partner opportunities, and set up meetings with them during Arab Health, the massive annual 3-day GCC health provider conference.


Our initial desk-based research ranked the relative cancer capabilities across 6 GCC countries based on volume, and capabilities, meaning we focused on identifying opportunities in UAE and KSA. Then through wide networking and calls we organized ~30 in-person meetings at Arab Health with key stakeholders to flesh out potential partnership opportunities. We also supported the demonstration of our clients’ capabilities at the conference through demos and invitation-only workshops.


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“This was definitely the most productive industry conference we’ve ever attended. Thank you to MGG for providing so many rich introductions.”

MD of Europe’s leading Radiotherapy Provider


At a bustling event, we secured 30 meetings and filled our demo slots for two thought-leadership events, leading to MGG devising strategies for capitalising on these opportunities. Immediate outcomes included managing an existing clinical facility, consulting on equipment purchases for a new clinic, and negotiating staffing and training solutions. Longer-term projects involve advising on and investing in new ventures and aligning cancer care with governmental economic and health strategies.