Radiotherapy referral pathway trends

Radiotherapy referral pathway trends


Two UK neurosurgery treatment centres, mainly treating brain tumours.


To indicate the logic for, and how to create, digital referral in UK radiotherapy.


The client wanted to expedite its growth through digital channels by way of partnering or buying to overcome the slow ‘star’ doctor-to-doctor approach from the past, but it had to find proof this was going to work to persuade the doctors.


MGG provided lots of evidence of the way digital referrals are growing in importance in the UK and across Europe, thus confirming the direction of travel as well as finding many possible partners for our client. MGG then offered several potential strategic options involving outcome data, Care packages etc. The client adopted all of these and has started to implement. In MGG’s next phase of work some of the better partnerships have been followed up and contracted.


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“We needed futuristic but grounded views on the how digital referral pathways for specialist cancer treatment were emerging around the world and in the UK. MGG listened, adapted their approach to fit and brought real insight, giving us the confidence to significantly change our marketing strategy.”

Chief Marketing Officer, Largest European Cancer Radiotherapy provider


The presentation covered 38 slides and occupied 3 hours.
The management team engaged enthusiastically, and MGG drove positive outputs from the workshops which were successfully developed over the remaining 2.5 days of the conference.