Partner Search

Searching for and introducing overseas partners with significant UK healthcare treatment spend, and interest to have it managed and improved


A leading UK assistance business with domestic healthcare trust capabilities, a wide set of network relationships and rates, claims and service administration skills.


To find and then introduce new global partners with high inbound-to-UK treatment volumes.


The client, well established over the years, asked MGG to search the entire globe for new customers. So, we had to identify where it hadn’t done much, or had failed despite high inbound volumes, and then gain contact with decision makers within these companies and persuade them of the cost savings arguments, in order to effect introductions.


Intensive desk-based research, focused on a list of countries with high trade and travel relations with the UK, led to a long list of overseas IPMI/PMI players and TPAs. These were painstakingly ranked by inter-country trade size, an outsourced TPA approach and a lack of relationship to our client.


#11 slide
“We approached MGG to research overseas opportunities for a UK business unit.  Over the course of the project they systematically introduced several players, all right in our  ‘sweet spot’.”

CEO, UK health service provider


MGG investigated potential partners in 4 segments: Global IPMI, Regional high-end PMI, TPAs, and Assistance players. In number terms, 219 companies were longlisted, 80 shortlisted and 30 interviewed. 8 C-level introductions with strong interest were found.