Market size and success factor check

Market size and success factor check with internal differences reconciliation


A global IPMI player, underperforming in a key market.


Create a share gain strategy, and gain internal consensus.


Senior management felt that the business underperformed in this large market but there were different explanations internally, hence an external view was sought on how to succeed, which would convince all parties.


A full market analysis was done to confirm the ceiling and areas of opportunity in terms of both GWP and profit. This was combined with a detailed product/ service/ distribution/ price SWOT of the client vs key competitors. The primary source of information was ~20 in-market interviews. MGG combined forces with a local specialist consultant with real experience of IPMI in Germany to provide much of the source data, before leading the analysis and output. To create consensus many interviews were made with the various parties involved where full expression was allowed but where feedback was anonymous.


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“MGG’s market analysis provided deep insights into the large European IPMI market. Their fact-based report identified growth opportunities and reconciled conflicting views within our organisation. The impartial assessment of the market allowed us to make informed decisions and develop a targeted growth plan. McGrigor’s collaborative approach fostered alignment and a shared understanding, helping us achieve our goals. I highly recommend MGG to those seeking a partner who combines market expertise and strategic thinking. Their consulting has been a game-changer.”

CEO IPMI Unit, Leading Global Health Insurer



The conclusions were shared and discussed both 1:1 and as a group with all parties and a common diagnosis of the challenges and opportunities was reached.
Major changes have been made since, in personnel and approach, to re-address the market.
“Thank you for some excellent detailed market data. However, it was the forensic quotes from key industry players which enabled us to convince all internal parties to a mutually agreeable set of actions. Overall the difficult politics of the situation were very well managed.”