Market entry strategy

Determining optimal Indian market entry strategy challenging existing theory


A global healthcare company wanted to open in India primarily seeking referrals from insurers.


To evaluate the client’s intended strategy for entering the Indian market by considering various options.


The client had been led to believe from doctors now working in India, that had previously worked in the US, that there would be multiple international treatment referral opportunities from within India either to the UK or the US. They believed that the best way to access this market was through partnerships with medical and travel insurers. We were provided only four weeks to complete the task.


We were able to obtain high amounts of historical data from insurance companies detailing the volumes of policies sold and in-depth claims information. This was cross-referenced against the data from interviews with insurers, TPAs and medical tourism companies. As benefit levels and margins were so slow in PMI the volume of outbound was deemed to be very low. Other sources of volume were identified instead.


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“We had a tight timeframe and budget, but the MGG response was instant, data generous, and answered the question. They staffed up with a team combining Indian people familiar with the product segment, and an expert central team, so there were no misinterpretations, and reliable insights. We will be back.”

International Program and Payer Contract Manager, Global Hospital Group


The conclusions were shared and discussed both 1:1 and as a group with all parties and a common diagnosis of the challenges and opportunities was reached.
Major changes have been made since, in personnel and approach, to re-address the market.
“Thank you for some excellent detailed market data. However, it was the forensic quotes from key industry players which enabled us to convince all internal parties to a mutually agreeable set of actions. Overall the difficult politics of the situation were very well managed.”