Identify Outsourcing Clients

Identifying potential UK medical and travel insurance customers for a claims and customer service outsourcing centre in South Africa.


A European-based, global assistance and TPA business.


To map the market then identify, persuade and introduce possible outsourcing clients within the UK health and travel insurance segments.


The client has a low-cost business services operation in South Africa with significant capacity for expansion. They sought to assess any high opportunity segments in the UK, and to then identify and introduce potential clients in the medical and travel space. The 1st challenge was to convince players of the validity of a) outsourcing and b) using RSA as a location. Secondly, we needed to be convinced on how our client outperformed competitors.


We interviewed ~8 relevant outsourcers to create a relative SWOT, and to understand major customer barriers to the concept and location. Then we worked with 2 sector experts in travel and small PMI/cash plans who shortlisted the many possibilities within those segments with stronger rationale. Then we spoke to the best ones and persuaded several to meet our client, hitting points of pain and presenting why our client was the best solution.


#12 slide
“The UK market for claims outsourcing was little known to us.  After working with MGG, we fully understand it, and it’s potential generally and have some specific opportunities on our radar.”

Chief Commercial Officer of leading European health services company


3 high value introductions were made, while ~30 others were dropped.
In addition, we spotted new segments for the client, and advised on some gaps in their delivery and messaging.