Digital Growth Strategy

To assess the best value creation digital growth strategy for the client in UK


A pan-European cancer treatment chain, primarily focused on brain tumours in the UK.


An Analysis of the growth potential to be had from digital channel alternatives to word of mouth traditional referrals and a review of the possibility of acquiring existing digitally-focused companies which would accelerate a state of the art proposition.


The client felt that using digital channels or even buying them was the key to referral growth. They wanted MGG to explain the main digital developments, and how it should work with them. The challenge was initially to agree a scope with the client as the range of ideas was very wide, and the client was determined that our thinking should encompass the art of the possible and be genuinely futuristic.


MGG identified the main stakeholders and innovators across the entire cancer treatment pathway, including payers/insurers, competing providers, rating, information and guidance platforms, med-tech focused on clinicians and various medical influencers. These were then interviewed and the key partners and targets for the future were identified.


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“We have always liked McGrigor as they arrive well prepared for each meeting with fresh valuable insights. In a difficult assignment they found a clear way through and gave us very useable conclusions.”


CEO, leading European cancer treatment provider


MGG’s insight identified a significant gap in control over oncology data and insight. We suggested solutions including partnering with certain players, while not buying others, in particular offering a futuristic solution to payors. In parallel we presented a fresh specialist pathway supported by an in-house platform which navigated the patient to multiple holistic digital and in-person services.