Market strategy & competitor benchmarking

High End PMI Market Intelligence in China


Large global IPMI player


To explain the overall market picture, especially the product landscape as well as their operating strengths/weaknesses against others.


The client was unsatisfied with its slow progress to date in high end PMI sales in China. Therefore, it wanted to know firstly, where to find greater volume (and profit) across different customer segments and product types; and secondly, how to win in the 4 P’s: product, pricing, place, placement.


MGG conducted this project in two phases. To start with, MGG analysed both Individual and Group high end PMI product and price offers made by the client and its key competitors. This required collaborating with in market brokers to review a basket of quotes. Secondly, MGG conducted numerous interviews with market players throughout the chain to build a comprehensive picture of market size, growth and share by player. Finally, the full system strategy of winners and losers was combined with the ideas of innovative experts to create a plan for the clients’ future.


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MGG presented its findings to a wide panel of stakeholders and provided them with actionable strategic advice on how to address their shortcomings and become competitive in the China high end PMI market.