Assess IPMI in Mediterranean Countries

Assess new IPMI distribution partners in Mediterranean Countries


Major Global IPMI insurer, with existing distribution in S. Europe but low market share.


The head of Global sales was worried that his Southern European team was not maximising its potential in Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Gibraltar and Monaco.


MGG was tasked to assess the size of the prize in each market and to understand which distributors (brokers) had what share of the market, and if the client was known and rated and why not. The two challenges were that these are small markets without much public knowledge and also the existing client salespeople for this region were at risk of being exposed.


MGG interviewed all the brokers in each market as well as existing providers to form a strong sense of the market pattern. We also built excellent relationships with the sales team by sharing a lot of information of great value to them and presenting a ready to go trip to meet new distributors for them to accelerate the gap filling exercise.


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“Tactful, precise, on-time. MGG facilitated our internal regional sales-effectiveness audit without upsetting the vested interests and managing to add fresh impetus.”

Global head of sales, Multiline and IPMI insurer


The senior client was able to see share gain opportunity without doubting his team who could explain why certain gaps had happened and were ready with a gap closing plan.