News Digest September 2023

A curation of news stories impacting health insurance and brokers, population health management and health tech from last month.

This month, two things jump out from the IPMI section: namely an article on the occasionally forgotten importance of the UK and European markets and the emergence of the growing over-60’s market.

On the former, McGrigor sees the size as more like $6bn vs $7bn (2022) representing a larger portion of the world market (33% vs 25%).

In Health services, mega mergers and restructuring are now needed to address the over valuation of these companies in recent years, for example Virgin Pulse and Babylon. However, the stats on mental health are so overwhelming that there seems to be endless demand for years to come.

In Health tech we see increasing moves in AI in healthcare from Amazon, Google and Microsoft but their attentions are on hospital-patient efficiency, and drugs more than insurance. Corti’s AI ‘co-pilot’ from Denmark looks even more interesting.

I recommend you look at David Axtell’s new segment on MENA, now incorporating India, where we see huge growth in PMI and IPMI.

Good reading,

James & Mark


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