News Digest November 2021

A curation of news stories impacting health insurance and brokers, population health management and health tech from last month.

Despite the recent return of negative health news, we see activity and change continue apace in the global IPMI market. One key story is that the Qatari Government have now set a legal requirement for expats to have private health insurance in place, ahead of the Football World Cup next year, opening this market again. The significant merger of DIOT – LSN And SIACI SAINT HONORE has been given the green light by the EU, with perhaps more actions to follow. Generali has signalled greater interest in French PMI. There has been the usual movement in leadership positions and new product launches. And once again, money is flowing into the globalisation of health services in the cases of Workplace Options, Doctor Anywhere, Kry, Docplanner, although the new Chinese rules have been a major brake for some!

November Headlines 2021

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