News Digest January 2023

A curation of news stories impacting health insurance and brokers, population health management and health tech from last month.

At last some news on the progression timetable of the big JV in Africa between Allianz and Sanlam, although little details still on how it will work, and who will do what. Lots of change too, post the KKR takeover of APRIL, and a new global commercial officer at IMG.

Elsewhere, we can read of the ongoing war between medical cost inflation and the ways the industry are trying to innovate to negate the impact on price and profit.

Mixing Rx and medical data and holistic solutions, as well as new distribution – Amazon – is one way the industry is improving. Telehealth is another, but appears to be under pressure due to Insurer/customer wallets.

A return to 2019 profitability is expected by 2014, although IPMI may suffer more downgrading in the meantime.
Providing a wider set of targeted behavioural health – often digital – continues to be a key theme for 2023. Growth seems strong – see Teladoc’s BetterHelp – and the Internationalisation of brands is starting.

And some good news: India’s retail PMI market is forecast to continue to grow considerably.

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