We were delighted to hold our mainly ‘In-person’ 2022 strategy day on the 12th of April. Also participating – virtually – were our 2 key regional leads, Nigel Harris (Asia/France) and David Axtell (MENA).

We were able to discuss our projects and share results from last year as well as review our external and internal goals for the coming year.

We concluded that we had ridden out the rough storm of the 2 Covid years, not without the odd dent, but have remained financially robust, especially thanks to some large mid-year projects and the excellent performance of our  3 new – now in house hosted – publications.

2022 has started well and prospects are strong and back to pre-Covid expectations.

We were delighted to be joined – virtually – for a charming introduction to another core associate, Frank Reuter (Germany). Frank is based in Munich, where he is the CEO of Reuter Consulting, with whom we have teamed a few times. Frank brings a wealth of experience in IPMI internationally and especially in Germany.  We look forward to working together on new projects.

Discussions will continue, as we look to build the team back up in numbers and experience.