News Digest March 2023

A curation of news stories impacting health insurance and brokers, population health management and health tech from last month.

The big story for March is Foyer’s acquisition of Globality. After multiple approaches from a range of international insurers and Globality’s recent two years of growth and efficiency improvement, ERGO finally decided to run a sale contest. Six went to four then Foyer emerged as a surprising winner, given its smaller profile versus the other bidders. But is this surprising? High synergies from their shared central resources in Luxembourg would imply bottom line uplift potential. Customers have allegedly reacted positively.

Also this month Bupa Global has launched its strategy with greater emphasis on customers’ holistic wellbeing, while newcomer Papaya’s offering looks interesting.

Across other parallel industries, reports confirm the positive bounce-back trends already hinted at, in Travel, Medical Tourism and payer (ie insurer) services.

Less positive news is the continued upward trend in global obesity levels.

Meanwhile, ChatGPTs new version, GPT4, is making waves by increasing its uses across Healthcare, which could be very transformative, even in the short term.


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