Justin Chan promoted to Consultant

Justin joined McGrigor Group in January 2017 after completing his MSc in Economics at UCL. Some of his most significant moments at McGrigor Group have been: the launch of McGrigor’s best-selling 2nd Global IPMI report, for which he did most of the research; running an RFP for a large IGO; a Due Diligence of an IPMI company for a PE firm and a creating a 200-page report of new service offers for a European health insurance company. As ‘Default’ head of tech and all things IT, Justin’s inputs have been essential to our day to day running. In the last year, Justin has been outstanding in his co-ordination of several recent consulting and M&A projects. We are delighted that the accepted his new position of Consultant early this year and we know Justin is looking forward to providing solutions for all our client’s needs in 2020.