Welcome Jack!

We were looking for a dynamic, analytically-minded, and creative problem solver to join McGrigor Group as an intern…

Meet Jack Spurrier!

Jack is a Computing MSc graduate from Queen Mary University with a strong passion for TMT and AI tech, particularly deep learning and web3. Jack has had impressive work experiences at companies like Newsflare, Horizon Capital, Panmure Gordon, and Investec, where he honed his skills in data analytics, financial analysis, TAM mapping, competitor pricing analysis, and market research.

Jack’s entrepreneurial skills are just as impressive as his analytical skills.

He has co-founded multiple start-ups and curated a community of 100 ambitious web3 builders. Jack’s interests are also diverse, as he is a jazz musician, artist, and charity fundraiser. Jack’s analytical and entrepreneurial skills, combined with his passion for TMT and AI, make him an ideal addition to the McGrigor Group as a new analyst intern.

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