Launch of Health Compass

McGrigor Associate David Eline launches Health Compass with James McGrigor giving Keynote

James McGrigor presents a keynote on challenges and opportunities to a select group of senior managers at the launch of the ‘IPMI Professional Platform’ by Health Compass, taking place in Cannes on 16 September 2021.

James’ presentation, ‘IPMI Challenges and Opportunities in 2020/21 and the impact of Covid-19 – the summit or just a bump in the road?’, covers a deep-dive into IPMI with insights on what’s next for the industry.

The meeting discusses the IPMI business model’s evolution, the power of digitisation, cost optimisation and working practices with insurers and distributors.

The Health Compass technology allows intermediaries to easily choose from hundreds of cover options, get an immediate quote and process the policy in real time.

McGrigor Associate David Eline has been involved in financial services technology for 20 years, including as an IPMI broker for the last seven. During that time he has won a number of awards for innovation. Passionately believing that digitisation can bring cost efficiencies and enhanced service levels to the IPMI sector, he has long thought the market should fully embrace technology. David is a great believer in connecting people through technology, believing 1+1=3, and will define his IPMI career by his ability to achieve this also making the sector’s complexities easier to embrace and understand.