We are Facilitators, not Consultants

Why Us?

Many clients despite being experts in their industries, struggle to determine the right future course, ‘the strategy’, because of a range of constraints. An independent view and a set of methods to overcome these constraints can unlock this vision.

This is the value proposition of McGrigor Consulting. We bring fresh ideas as well as constructive challenge, based on solid research and ensuring different personalities gel to best effect.

Uniquely, we can apply our extremely deep knowledge in global health insurance and services, gained through >20 years of cases and the collective intelligence of our large custom network of global experts.

As we don’t have to learn the industry first, typically we can quickly get further towards finding really grounded solutions than most strategists. A client once described our approach as follows:

"Most will say ‘The answer is New York’, but McGrigor says ‘it’s where 5th Avenue meets 34th Street".

We call that facilitation. So, it follows, that we very frequently share in risk and reward on all our projects, and in our Specialty division, we share wholly in the value.

What our clients say