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Chris Schult, Strategy 4 Health

Advantages of buying healthcare better in Germany

By Chris Schult Founder of Strategy 4 Health.
In Summary

  • Germany has always been a prime destination for international patients seeking top-tier medical care with its high-quality services, advanced technology, multidisciplinary treatments, short waiting times, multilingual support, comprehensive rehabilitation, and cost-effectiveness.
  • The country’s renowned university hospitals in major cities offer cutting-edge treatment, while services encompass physical, mental, and social well-being says Strategy for Health GmbH which specializes in guiding patients through Germany’s healthcare system, leveraging its expertise in provider selection, appointment management, and comprehensive support to ensure a seamless and successful healthcare experience.

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In an interconnected world, international patient management is crucial in global healthcare. It involves coordinating medical travel, ensuring culturally sensitive care, and addressing the unique needs of patients seeking treatment abroad. The selection of the country of treatment and the medical service provider is of particular importance in order to achieve an optimal medical result.

The German healthcare market offers several advantages that make it a very attractive option for international patients:

  • High-quality medical care: Germany offers top-notch treatment with well-trained professionals and advanced facilities. Alost all major cities (Munich, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Berlin, ..) run university hospitals which combine patient care, medical education, and research, fostering an environment of continuous improvement and innovation in healthcare.
  • Advanced technology: Cutting-edge medical technology and innovative treatments are widely available in areas such as imaging and diagnostics, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, telemedicine, robotic surgery, etc.
  • Multidisciplinary services: for complex or chronic conditions that require addressing all aspects of a patient’s health, including physical, mental, and social well-being.
  • Short waiting times: Generally shorter waiting times for procedures and specialist consultations.
  • Multilingual services: Many hospitals provide translators and multilingual staff to assist international patients.
  • Rehabilitation and follow-up care: Extensive support for recovery and ongoing health management is considered an inseparable part of the treatment itself and is a must for best possible outcomes.
  • Cost-effective: Germany offers very competitive costs relative to the high quality of care. Well established fee schedules are applicable to all patients irrespective of their country of origin or their insurance cover. For instance, medical treatment in the United States is significantly higher than in Germany (often 5 to 10 times). Costs in Switzerland go by a factor of about 3 to 5 and Austria goes by a factor of 2 to 3.

Navigating the German healthcare system is a challenge on its own and benefiting from its advantages requires multi-level support in areas such as provider selection and appointment management, case management and invoice review.

Strategy for Health GmbH is well positioned here to support international patients if they are in need for a treatment in Germany, Austria or Switzerland.

With our background in entrepreneurship, executive consulting, and healthcare management, we deliver value-adding services focused on knowledge sharing, strong industry relationships, and exceptional performance. Let us help you turn challenges into opportunities for success.


Chris is Partner and Managing Director of Strategy for Health GmbH

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